Loose&Slim shake is the fastest, best and most effective way to lose weight without sacrificing your taste for food and without forced exercise. Includes 1 750g jar in any of 5 flavors; Strawberry, Chocolate, Pina Colada, Vanilla and Cookies & Cream. In addition, for enrolling in our monthly continuity program, receive with your first order three gifts; 1 100g jar of ORI Cleanser, 1 jar with 30 capsules of LS Extreme Energy Hunger Suppressant and a stirring glass. You will also receive FREE shipping for as long as you are on autoship.



Pina colada


ORI CLEANSER, the intestinal cleanser of Ori
Healthy is an excellent choice for preparing
the body to enter into a process of
detoxification. This will help the system
better absorption of nutrients, especially if
you adopt a well-balanced diet and
healthy. This cleanser will undoubtedly make it easier for you to
elimination of accumulated impurities in the
intestinal tract for a better assimilation of
nutrients at the time of starting a diet.

A Loose & Slim shake reduces the desire to eat compulsively and to be eating between meals. Don’t lose sight of the fact that all Loose & Slim shakes are prepared in a very simple way, since they only need water and a little ice. Any variant will depend on your own tastes and preferences. The Loose & Slim shake is the most
fast, excellent and effective weight loss without sacrificing your taste for food and without doing forced exercises. Take Loose & Slim every day, morning, afternoon or evening. A daily shake successfully replaces any of your 3 meals, without leaving you feeling hungry. Loose & Slim comes in 5 delicious flavors: STRAWBERRY, COOKIES&CREAM, VANILLA,

Loose&Slim’s energizer will give you the energy you need to keep going, especially when you’re exercising. EEHS, Ori Healthy’s energizer, along with a balanced diet, will never be too much if you want to get a slim, well-strengthened figure.

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