How to take probiotics?

How to take probiotics?

How to take probiotics?

Probiotics are microorganisms that help improve the health of the intestinal flora. Have we discussed what probiotics are for? about it. Here’s how to take probiotics.

Types of probiotics you can consume:

Natural probiotics such as yogurt and kombucha tea, kefir, a dairy product similar to yogurt, kimchi and sauerkraut which are fermented vegetables typical of some countries and consumed daily in small quantities to accompany dishes, artichoke, natto, which is a fermented soybean paste, miso, thick paste rich in lactobacillus and others.

Probiotic supplements.

There are different types of probiotics and each one has a different property and they are distinguished by genus, species and strain.

How to take probiotics

The recommended thing is to get probiotics through food, that is, naturally and get a diet rich in fiber, however, when you think you are not consuming enough “good” bacteria you can turn to supplements.

When you need to regenerate the intestinal flora you can take probiotic supplements in tablet, capsule, powder, jelly or liquid form.

Try not to take probiotics on an empty stomach as they are living organisms that need food to survive and multiply and on an empty stomach it is less efficient for the bacteria to spread.

You can consume probiotics at breakfast with a glass of water and if you take antibiotics, take them 2-3 hours apart, thus preventing the antibiotic from having an effect on the probiotic bacteria.

Probiotics are very helpful when you have gastroenteritis, allergies, flu or infections and if you take antibiotics, they have their effect not only on the bad bacteria, but also on the good bacteria; that is why it is important to recover the good bacteria with probiotics to regenerate the intestinal flora.

Probiotics can be taken every day, taking care to avoid taking them with hot meals so that they do not lose their effectiveness due to high temperatures.

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