How to take care of your kidneys?

How to take care of your kidneys?

The kidneys are responsible for filtering toxins and producing urine to detoxify the body of substances it does not need. For this reason, it must be given due attention. The ways to take care of your kidneys are:

1- Healthy eating

The kidneys require good nutrition to stay in good condition throughout life.

2- Drink enough water

This helps eliminate salts and toxins through the urine. It is recommended to drink a minimum of one and a half litres a day. This would reduce the risk of kidney disease. The daily consumption of water is one of the best habits to maintain the good functioning of the kidneys.

3- Exercise

Exercise helps lower blood pressure, so it will reduce the risk of chronic kidney disease.

4- Regulating blood pressure

High blood pressure makes the heart work harder and, over time, can end up damaging some of the body’s blood vessels. And when the vessels in the kidneys are damaged, there is a high chance that the kidneys will stop working properly.

5- Moderate salt consumption

Excessive salt intake is one of the main causes of fluid retention and kidney difficulties.

Although the body needs this substance in small quantities, most people ingest it excessively, and in the medium and long term suffer the consequences.

6- No smoking

Smoking decreases blood flow to the kidneys, which impairs their function and increases the chance of kidney cancer.

7- Do not self-medicate

Aspirin and some anti-inflammatory drugs can damage the kidneys if taken regularly, as they slow down the elimination of toxins and sugar.

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